Putzmaus America Boiler Tube Cleaning

boiler tube cleaning

Putzmaus America Boiler tube cleaning is the procedure through which the boiler tubes of modern steam locomotives are cleaned, removing ash and soot so as well as removing any debris which may have accumulated within the tubes over the years in order to guarantee the efficient production of the steam for the boiler. This would usually have been done using compressed air or steam ladders and as needed. However, with the advent of newer technology, the need for these services has dramatically decreased due to the fact that more efficient equipment has been introduced into the market. These days, boiler tube cleaning techniques are mostly accomplished automatically with the help of a computer-controlled cleaning system.

The major areas which need to be cleaned include the boiler tubes, boiler body, condenser units, evaporator coils and also the bottom of the heat exchanger tubes. Most of these steam cleaning machines work on the principle of hydraulic pressure. In this regard, there are two types of systems: the rotary and the linear. Both types result in the same results: boiler tube cleaning products remove the accumulated deposits over time, thereby improving the efficiency of the boiler. Here are some examples of different types of rotary cleaning machines and their respective use:

In the first type, composed of an electro-mechanical cutting device and a high-pressure nozzle, the boiler tube cleaning process removes all types of fluff, sludge and grease as well as the mineral deposits present. There are different kinds of chemicals used for this purpose. The most popular ones include the hydrochloric acid and the alkaline chemicals. They are preferred because of their effectiveness against different contaminants present in the steam. Moreover, the chemical cleaning process also ensures faster corrosion elimination.

The second type of boiler tube cleaning machine uses different kinds of machines to achieve the same goal. There is a combination of the high-pressure sprayer, the hydrojet nozzle and the automated boiler tube cleaner. The system works by spraying the chemical cleaning solutions into the tubes. In the case of the latter type, the boiler tube cleaning solution is injected into the tubes through the heat exchanger.

The third type, which is considered the most effective, uses the combined effect of both the above mentioned processes for achieving an efficient boiler tube cleaning process. The automated boiler tube cleaner is connected to the cleaning solution tank and injects the solution into the tubes. Meanwhile, the high-pressure sprayer blows water vapor through the tubes to clean them. This method of cleaning allows tubes to be cleaned more thoroughly and faster than the other types.

Last but not least, we have the hydroblasting system. The term hydroblasting refers to the process of filling and de-energizing a boiler tube with hot water to make it run more efficiently. In the past, it was done manually using a pump and a cylinder. Today, the automated hydroblasting systems are much more advanced and are commonly used for achieving efficient cleaning of boiler tubes. They use a camera system and a robotic arm, which eliminate the need for manual labor.