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“Bridging the Gap” is our motto. We at Home Care Wigan are committed to giving our Customers a high level of personal care combined with the latest medical technology. “Bridging the Gap” is our promise to our Patients. Our mission is to work with our Patients to ensure they are achieving maximum recovery and happiness.

“Bridging the Gap” is not only a motto; it’s a philosophy. Our motto says it all. “We believe everyone deserves a world of health care that puts health first.” Home Care UK has been working hard to maintain our high standards of care while providing a flexible and affordable health care service to all those who might benefit from our services.

We offer a complete range of professional health care services such as Home Care, Adult Daycare, Dental Care, Cosmetic Surgery and even Hearing Aid. This is done by fully trained staff members who are motivated to make Home Care a top priority. Because we provide both in-home and care services, we have staff members from various occupational backgrounds and experience levels so that we can best meet the needs of each individual client.

We treat clients with dignity and respect at all times. Each person is an individual with a unique set of circumstances and wants and expectations. This being said, we strive to be sensitive to all these factors and address them accordingly. In Home Care, we strive to give our patients a warm, nurturing, familiar welcome. Our aim is to help them feel comfortable, safe and secure in their own home and away from any distractions. Our professional team is committed to providing the very best care possible to all our clients, in the shortest period of time.

We also aim to take an active part in the recovery of each patient. Our qualified Home Care Officers is committed to rehabilitating the client and setting the pace for the rest of their recovery. They work closely with the patient and their family in developing a customized Home Care Program. Once this has been developed, they monitor the progress of the patient and update the client on the progress of their healing each week. This includes performing symptom checkups, checking vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse, and recording any new or noteworthy symptoms.

The philosophy of our Service is based on the shared responsibility between staff and client. Both parties benefit from the dedicated care provided. Our Services encourage our clients to have healthy relationships with their Nursing Team. If you require the assistance of a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or other medial personnel for Home Care, we will treat this as a priority.